Create Your Own Abstract Class (Recommended)

This is not a requirement. However you will probably find that after a while little customizations that you make start to add up and it starts getting repetitive. If things start getting repetitive your productivity will drop. It’s easy to create your own so just do it.

Create a lib folder and call it MyAbstractTestCase or whatever you want. Create a setUp() method, making sure to call parent::setUp(). Then set any customizations after the call to parent::setUp().

namespace MyTests; abstract class MyAbstractTestCase extends \Magium\Magento\AbstractMagentoTestCase { protected function setUp() { parent::setUp(); // Do your own configuration such as setting your theme configuration } }

Now when you write a test you will extend this new abstract class instead of AbstractMagentoTestCase.

namespace MyTests; class LoginTest extends MyAbstractTestCase { public function testLogin() { // imagine test here } }