Help a friend out: Magium is looking for Magento-based user story examples

The goal for Magium is to make it much easier for people who are not professional testers to build out automated tests that are as good, or even maybe better, than what professional testers can build. Or, at least, built out for much, much cheaper (seriously cheaper).

Magium is approaching a first release, but before I get there I would like to validate what I have against a larger number of user stories. Magento is pretty darn big and there are a lot of procedures that will not have testing functionality built out.

As it stands Magium supports a lot of things

  • Add-to-cart functionality (automated (“best guess”) and specific)
  • Guest Checkout
  • Registered Customer Checkout
  • New Customer Checkout
  • Frontend Navigation
  • Customer Login
  • Customer Creation
  • Customer Navigation
  • Customer Order Extraction
  • Search (including search suggestions)
  • Layered Navigation
  • Product Extraction (Category List, Category Grid, Search List, Search grid)
  • Admin Navigation
  • System Configuration Changes (this was not easy to do)
  • Admin Order Handling (this was even harder to do)

… plus several others.

How can you help? I want to make sure that the base line functionality built out is sufficient for typical tests and I need user stories to validate the test components against.

I want the components able to manage a significant chunk of user stories. If you would like to help out please do the following:

  1. Follow us on Twitter
  2. Wait for @magiumlib to follow back
  3. DM us a list of user stories (I will provide an email address if you want to send them that way)

This would go a long way to helping out.

Bonus (free offer)

Would you like to have a discussion about how you might be able to automate your user tests? I would be happy to jump on the phone with your organization to talk about test automation, especially if you want to do test automation but you do not know where to start. This would not be a sales call. The purpose of this is 1) your education, and 2) my education. That’s it.