I Want To Set My Default Customer Email Or Password

The customer identity class contains all of the information needed to successfully process a checkout action, not including the payment or shipping methods.

Say you are based out of Florida and you want most of your purchases to come from a Florida address. The easiest way of changing this is through the use of a configuration file that will override any properties defined in the class.

Magium\Magento\Identities\Customer extends Magium\AbstractConfigurableElement which means that it will look in the base directory’s /configuration folder to find a file that contains alternate information.

The pattern is /configuration/Namespace/ChildNamespace/Class.php. So for the class Magium\Magento\Identities\Customer the name of the file will be /configuration/Magium\Magento/Identities/Customer.php.

That file is include()ed during object instantialization. That a few things.

  1. It is part of the class definition itself. This then follows that
  2. It can contain PHP code
    // Using this kind of comment helps your IDE with code completion.
    /* @var $this \Magium\Magento\Identities\Customer */
    $this->billingRegionId = 'Florida';
    $this->emailAddress = 'myact[email protected]';
    $this->password = 'myactualpassword';