10n Magento 1 & 2 Load Testing

Get data-driven confidence in the scalability and performance of your Magento website.

Our Approach

Get data-driven confidence in the performance and scalability of your Magento website. There are many Magento agencies who know Magento very well. You may be working with one, or may even be one. There are also many different companies that know how to execute well-designed load tests. You may have worked with some. But what many Magento merchants and agencies truly want from a load test is a cost-effective, third party, independent examination of their system from people who know both load testing and Magento. The 10n Load Testing service provides both.

Use 10n Magento Load Testing:

  • If you want a custom-crafted load test
  • If you want to understand how system load and Magento interact
  • If you want load results interpreted through Magento practices
  • If you want someone who understands how Magento interacts with infrastructure resources
  • If you want someone who has built tooling specifically for interpreting Magento functionality.

See a sample report or download a whitesheet.

For Agencies

The 10n Magento Load Testing service is designed to give full-service agencies even more options for their clients. Deliverables can be packaged in such a way where the entire package is white-labeled under your own branding. The entire load testing service can be integrated under your client offerings for no additional cost.

For the Self-Managed Ecommerce Company

Many organizations run their own Magento shop using their own designers, their own programmers, and their own administrators. Adding load testing to their responsibilities can over-stretch an already utilized team. Using 10n Magento Load Testing provides your team with actionable data and additional time that can be focused on other initiatives in your organization.

What Do You Get?

Per Server Usage Analysis

Analysis on server resource usage right down to the process level, if necessary.

Detailed Test Result Analysis

Understand where the user experience suffers on your website with actionable data.

Request Level Instrumentation

Get more than just summary information.

Basic Pro
Home, Category, Product Pages
Add To Cart (Single Product)
Add To Cart (Multi or Random)
Category/Search Pagination
Guest Checkout
Customer Registration
Customer Checkout
Load Test Execution 1 Test Run 2 Test Runs
Concurrency > 100 threads
Load Test Analysis
Load Test Log Analysis
Basic Static Security Scan
Basic Source Code Security Scan
2 frontend, 1 database monitored
up to 10 frontend, 2 database monitored
New Relic Analysis *
Magium Load Test Monitor Analysis **
Extended Test and Source Code Analysis
White label option
Full Report
Price $1900 USD *** $4900 USD ***
  • * Requires a New Relic Pro account
  • ** Requires Magium Monitor installed prior to load test
  • *** Tiered pricing available